EMBA free session: Innovation, Creativity and Enterprise

This is the last chance this autumn to join our free sessions and get familiar with our EMBA structure & information delivery. The next available module is Innovation, Creativity, and Enterprise (6-8th September), a topic that should be on every business agenda. Get ready to spend a couple of hours with our current students and learn from Claire Williams, Director of the Hong Kong University & University of Hull Partnership (HKU SPACE) how to use these 3 ingredients in your daily activities as manager. Join the module by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Limited places available so reserve yours until 5th of September.

Claire is an experienced, creative senior lecturer and trainer, enjoying over the last ten years (in no particular order) research, book editing, mentoring, supervising, curriculum design, training, and teaching. Previously working in marketing management and international sales. Field of expertise: talent management, teaching excellence, blended delivery.

By studying this module, our students will understand the nature of, and relationships between creativity, innovation and both entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial behavior. Applying theories relating to the support of creativity and innovation to a range of contexts and critically analyze the processes through which creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship can be managed will be the topic of the 3days teaching happening in Cluj. The aim here is not just to talk about creativity – the aim is to develop a more creative approach to different types of problems, thus, we are going to go through steps of solving a problem using creative techniques of active learning: visualisation (drawing; using mind maps); storytelling (identifying the journey of what happened when a problem occurs); illustration/example using arts (film).

Our special speaker during this module Executive Talk is Sorin Stan, Managing Director at Fluentech SRL. The event will take place on Saturday, 7th of September, starting at 11.30Please register here. 

Sorin is an entrepreneur from Cluj that works as an IT consultant. His aim is to help digitizing businesses and explores continuously ways of auto improvement. He graduated an MBA a few years ago and in the last years he took part in our Teach Yourself Business reading group initiated with Andrew Taylor, our Managing director, here in Cluj-Napoca. In his presentation, he will share his experience gained after graduating an MBA program and how it helped him both as a businessman but also as a person. More details about the event on our facebook page