What did we learn from the Business Design Transformation Webinars?

The Business Design Transformation Webinars delivered by Cristian Păun and Cristian Matei together with Mitch Belsley distilled a great deal of knowledge and experience accumulated in numerous business design and business transformation processes worldwide. The presentations walked us through various stages of business design and explained to us what buzzwords such as business process reengineering, business transformation, and digitalization really mean and how they should be handled during the design of new company architecture and management structure.


Cristian Păun, EMEA CIO DuPont, AI Advisor to FEDIL (for Luxembourg Government), AI Advisor to Business Europe (for European Commission) and Steering Committee Member for AITechTalents, with extended experience on business design, business transformation and the integration of latest technologies such as AI, RPA, IoT in new business models, showed us how to use double-loop learning and locate new market places and opportunities while building more intelligent and resilient businesses. Drawing on his large experience and solid expertise, he outlined some of the directions that businesses will need to consider in the upcoming future in order to remain on the market and thrive in this rapidly changing environment. As examples, Cristian discussed the model adopted by Bank of America in comparison to Ant Financial. These financial institutions may be similar in mission, but have embraced differently the technological transformations, leading to different business profiles, profits, and services.

Cristian showed us that understanding the company's core competencies helped businesses become more intelligent and resilient and identify new opportunities. Anyone who will fail to understand these aspects and rewire their core competencies around an intelligent business design will fail to adapt and will either lose significant market share or will disappear.

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Cristian Matei, Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Project Lead of the Veolia Project, and Co-Author of DARE! the #1 Amazon Best Seller in Business Process Reengineering, Change Management and Project Management in February 2020; and the CEO Today’s top 5 readings for the Word Creativity and Innovation Day, showed us how very often business design is just a buzzword and how companies use it in order to rearrange old ad-hoc structures around the same centers of power and decision that remain disconnected from operational and management excellence as well as from customers’ needs and experience. He emphasized the fact that digitalization should not be understood simply as fusing in some digital tools into old and inertial management structures, but rather as a complete business design transformation that rearranges operational flows and structures of management around more agile and intelligent units.

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After each presentation, Mitch Belsley, the co-founder of The Experience Manager platform, an enthusiastic entrepreneur, and dedicated problem solver, showed us how technology can help us solve some of these problems and how a customer and management experience platform can help us applying and implementing the concepts and instruments discussed during the two webinars. 

The Experience Manager platform allows you to simplify customer experience management by helping everyone in your company understand what your customer experience is.  Our platform is a single tool for journey mapping, customer persona design, customer experience innovation, and analytics tracking.  Design customer journeys, measure ROI, and harness employee ideas to improve your customer experience with the power of the entire company behind you. The Experience Manager is the first platform of its kind that unifies customer experience management and employee engagement tools to create a culture where customers feel loved and employees feel valued. 


For all the businesses that struggle to navigate through the complicated puzzle of the current crisis while facing the challenge of business reengineering, these discussions could be used to draw a possible road map that will help companies better understand which are their competences, how can they locate new market places and how can they exert a more responsible leadership in an ever-changing world.

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