Business Design Webinars

The current crisis reveals that businesses are neither linear nor easy to predict. Moreover, this pandemic has disrupted global markets, pushing companies and entrepreneurs in situations that they have not experienced before. It is, therefore, important to understand how to transform your business and become more resilient.

We invite you to a series of two webinars on design thinking, business transformation, and strategies for resilience. 

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Key Benefits:

  • Learn how to ask the right questions;
  • Locate alternative business strategies and learn about future business models that will make your company successful and resilient;
  • Identify the core competencies of your business;
  • Use three lenses of design thinking to light the innovation spark;
  • Learn how to connect: business, strategy, and design and develop your own path out of this crisis.


May 20th, 5 pm [1h]: Business Design Outline, delivered by Cristian Păun & Mitch Belsley

Cristian Paun is a change maker, an innovator with strong storytelling abilities that inspires growth mindset. He is an international speaker covering business design, business transformation, and technologies such as AI, RPA, IoT. A passionate Senior Executive from the Chemical / Private Equity / Insurance / FMCG / Banking / Telecommunications industry. He has focused on the connection between IT and successful business outcomes, both with bringing top-line growth as well as cost reduction programs. He has a significant track record in the delivery of technologies like RPA, AI, IoT to solve real business problems. Lead globally Innovation, M&A, integration, and separation programs. He crafted procurement and vendor strategies that allowed him to achieve multimillion EUR savings.

Topics covered during the webinar:

  • Business Design & Business Transformation:
    • Today (the model used today by most of the companies);
    • Tomorrow (the future model used by few and most successful companies);
    • How the firm of the future will look like;
    • Connecting Business, Strategy & Design;
  • How to Design a Smarter Business:
    • The Double Loop,
    • The 3 Lenses of Design Thinking;
    • Case Studies, reasons for change and business design;
  •  Presentation of The Experience Manager platform by Mitch Belsley
  • Q&A session 

May 21st, 5 pm: The Leaders approach - A Holistic approach to Operational Excellence, delivered by Cristian Matei & Mitch Belsley

Cristian Matei has served as Senior Leadership & Management Advisor, Coach, and Consultant having extensive experience in working on all continents with Boards & Executive Teams of Global rapid-growth companies requiring expert assistance with evaluating and managing the forces that drive organizational performance. Cristian has taught Leadership, Strategy Development & Deployment, Organizational (re)Design & Business Transformation, Business Process Reengineering and Management, Lean Six Sigma and Design for Lean Six Sigma in different Universities and Multinational Companies having more than 5000 top executives, managers, specialists, and quality & improvement experts trained, coached, mentored and certified all over the world. He is the Co-Founder and President of Advanced Thinking.

In difficult times, the difference between leaders and managers comes to light. Managers are just increasing the pressure by placing additional requirements on the existing non-performing organizations – countries, governments, companies of any kind - without any serious change in their minds. On the other hand, leaders have the courage to unlock the human potential to radically rethink the way we operate our organizations and finally our planet. Leaders realize that the root cause for which we are in this situation is the way we are (dis) organizing ourselves, while managers still thrive to prop up these existing systems that brought us to this situation.

Topics covered during the webinar:

  • The moment of truth: why the digitalization efforts fail? The digitalization trap.
  • Business Design, Business Execution, and Business Improvement – how are they synchronized? Zoom in on Business Improvement.
  • Human Capital Development – how to align it to Stakeholders' needs?
  • Presentation of The Experience Manager platform by Mitch Belsley
  • Q&A Session 

The presentation will include inserts from the Veolia Case Study - the Best Business Transformation Project in the world in 2019 (IQPC/PEX Awards, OPEX World Business Transformation Summit). The Book had just entered the list of the ”5 Business Books You Should Read on World Creativity & Innovation Day”

 “DARE! Behind the scenes of the best business transformation project in the world” describes the Veolia Apa Nova Bucharest Project that won the Best Business Transformation Project in the world title at PEX Awards 2019 and became in February 2020 the #1 Amazon Best Seller on Business Process Reengineering, Change Management and Project Management categories. More details

The two webinars will be moderated by Andrew Taylor, Managing Director at Transilvania Executive Education. Andrew is a business consultant with more than 20 years of experience and published co-author - People, Place, and Global Order; Foundations of a Networked Political Economy, Routledge, 2019. More details about TEE on our website.