Comunitatea EMBA - despre carti si cercetare

In the last 6 years, we spend most of our time offering support and advice to those who decided to start an Executive MBA and choose to do it in Cluj-Napoca. Most of our students came to study this programme by recommendation, from previous cohorts and friends. What we realised over the years is that with every class that started the programme, a community was born, a community with similar believes, responsible leaders, ready to help. 

When we heard for the first time that they want to publish their best dissertations in order to make them available to the business community and to share their research methodology and results, we were very proud of them and we supported the idea. The book has a coordinator, Alin Baiescu, who guided the other 17 authors, including himself, to prepare their work for publishing, to gather all the papers in one form, to structure the book, and to keep the communication with the publishing house. It was a journey that started last August and come to light this spring, in the best shape possible. 

We dedicated the whole month of April to the launch of the Hull University EMBA community's newest book, “Shaping the Future: A Manifesto of the Romanian Future Business Artisans”, coordinated by Dr. Alin Băiescu and published by Cluj University Press, celebrating in this way the fact that in April we have the International Book Day. A special thank you to all the authors involved in writing this book: Teodor Băbuț, Alin T. Băiescu, Dan Bizubac, Ovidiu Cernea, Florian‐Udvari Antal‐Arpad, Raluca Frîncu, Marius Cornel Moldovan, Victor Liviu Pop, Florina Popîrțac, Florian Sămărghițan, Daniela Secară, Gabriel Souca, Doru Șupeală, Mirela Târnovan, Olguța‐Dana Totolici, Cristinela Velicu, Cătălina Vescan. 

Over the last four weeks, we pinpoint some of the most important contributions of the book through several weekly articles in which we presented the authors and their work and organize on-site and online meetings with the EMBA alumni community and our business and educational partners. After a restrained get together with the authors, we organised the official book launch online, which was streamed live on our social media pages - the recording is available on our youtube channel. The book launch brought together the Hull University EMBA alumni in Romania, representatives of Hull University, professors who taught in the programme, and some of our board members and partners.

We believe that this endeavour is only the beginning of a dialogue that Transilvania Executive Education and our community opened up with the Romanian business environment and other major stakeholders that encourage us to reflect on the development of our country and our ways of creating value and driving more inclusive forms of economic growth. This book together with the other educational programs that we are running are part of a wider effort of enabling the exchange of ideas and linking the talent in Cluj-Napoca and Romania with the global ideas and international business opportunities and stimulating responsible leadership and global responsibility.

The book can be ordered from here

This is the second book written by alumni of the EMBA programme delivered in Cluj-Napoca by the University of Hull. The first book - In Search of Tomorrow. Critical Thinking about the Romanian and International Business Environment was published in 2019 and covered a wide range of essays from the 3rd EMBA cohort. The book can be borrowed from our library. 



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