Organisational Storytelling: Harnessing this powerful management and communication tool

We share with you some thoughts from our last Executive Talk where we discussed about storytelling. During this talk, we had the privilege and the pleasure to listen to our dear friend David Collins from Northumbria University, who also works as Managing Director for Gain Insight Ltd, a consulting company offering bespoke services on HRM, organizational change/ transformation, and the application of narratives to organizational problems.

David Collins has more than 30 years of experience working for some of the most renowned UK universities. He published extensively on topics such as organizational culture, management, and storytelling and conducted research and consulting work in various companies and organizations in the UK and across Europe, including Romania. David has recently published his sixth book - The Organizational Storytelling Workbook - a state of the art study which offers: (a) critical engagement with academic debates on organizational storytelling; and (b) a series of exercises designed to allow users to improve their capability as organizational storytellers.

During the talk, David managed to distill within a concentrated and short presentation some of the main theoretical underpinnings of management and cultural studies and some of the main findings of this book, showing us how storytelling can be used as a means of redeeming our understanding of all cultural matters and improve our management skills. David considers that storytelling can be used to harness cultural artifacts, stories, and narratives and contribute to the building of articulated and cohesive organizations. This Executive Talk can be seen as a start to anyone who wants to practice and learn these skills, while the storytelling workbook is the perfect companion to any executive or postgraduate course in storytelling as well as a useful and enjoyable companion to any individual manager that wishes to improve their ability and capacity for meaningful storytelling.

If you are interested in reading more about this, David Collins’ last book can be ordered here and you can listen to the recording of the Executive Talk on our youtube channel. 


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