Special Webinar Series on COVID-19

The new Coronavirus – COVID-19  is challenging us to search for answers and solutions for a way out of this crisis and provides us with the time and opportunity to reflect and analyse. Academics and universities are trying to contribute to the development of solutions and roadmaps that could take us out of this difficult situation more resilient and prepare to face future pandemics and global crises.

In this vein, our educational partner, the Hull University Business School, is organizing in the upcoming period a series of webinars which tackle the challenged derived from this crisis by bringing to the forefront some of their key experts on human resources management, finances, and economy, strategy and leadership as well as psychology and law.

These webinars will focus on a wide range of topics, from Resilience Management, Healthy working, Impact to Supply Chain and special panel sessions with key experts from across the globe. These webinars are free and open access so you may share the link with colleagues and friends.


Health & Managing Stress: Working from Home / 1st of April, 1 PM (RO time)

The first webinar is this Wednesday, in collaboration with the Sports Science colleagues and the Centre for Human Factors. The topic for this session is How to manage stress: working remotely. The invited specialists will be presenting on the importance of nutrition, posture and exercise when working remotely, plus the risks of isolation & managing stress with remote teams. The webinar will take place on the 1st of April, from 1 pm (Romanian time). To register simply click here


COVID-19: Special Panel Session on impact to Business & Economy / 1st of April, 4 PM (RO time)

Following the popular Question Time format, the Hull University Business School will be hosting a unique Panel Session of academic and research experts to field a variety of hot topics and questions related to the impact of COVID-19. Submit your questions to the panel when you register for the webinar. This will take place on the 1st of April, from 4 pm (Romanian time). To register simply click here.  


Professor Richard Barnes - Associate Dean of Research, Maritime Law expert

Dr Matt Beech - Political Scientist & Historian 

Dr Peter Andrews - Senior lecturer in Digital Marketing

Professor Robert Hudson - Professor in Finance

Dr Yilmaz Guney - Expert in corporate finance & governance


Resilience & Leadership / 2ns of April, 4 PM (RO time)

This webinar will focus on resilience management in times of crisis. We will be hearing from one of the University of Hull expert academics that have worked with high profile brands in managing disruption and mitigating risk in the face of extreme challenges. We’ll be discussing what it means to be resilient during these times and how to be an effective leader remotely. Thie webinar will take place Thursday, 2nd of April, from 4 pm (Romanian time). To register simply click here

We will keep you informed on any new events we are organising in order to support you through this period.