Talent Acquisition in the Digital Era – Facts and Myths

Radu Panait, HR director of E-Infra Group, has delivered an Executive Talk on “Talent Acquisition in the Digital Era – Facts and Myths” on the 7th of October, bringing to the online audience arguments and examples about the changes in the Human Resources Industry and future trends in talent acquisition.

As a provider of executive education, we consider it is highly relevant to discuss talent acquisition and the transformations in the Human Resources Management industry, especially in these uncertain times generated by the Covid-19 pandemic. With more than 20 years of experience in human resources, in Romania and abroad, in companies like IBM, UTI, SAB Miller, and Ursus, Radu Panait offered a clear overview of the transformations that shaped the Human Resources Industry in the last decades and addressed the nowadays trends of digitalization in the recruitment process. Moreover, he offered an analysis of the role of social media platforms and their relevance in the talent acquisition process and how AI will transform this area of activity.

Radu brought to the forefront clear examples from the industry practices – personality and ability tests, social media screening, gamification incorporated in various assessments, and AI tools – indicating the processes that will become the new norm.

For more information please find the presentation here and watch the recording with the fruitful discussions on our Youtube channel.

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