Week 2 of Special Webinar Series on COVID-19 by Hull University Business School

The University of Hull remains committed to its mission during this unprecedented time continuing the series of seminars dedicated to the understanding and analysis of the impact of COVID-19 on our societies, economy, health systems, and wellbeing. 

The lectures and contributions coming from scholars and experts in public health, sports, business and politics, accounting and management are aimed to help us understand the numerous implications that this current pandemic and associated economic slowdown has on our health, professional life, business, as well as our society and economic and political system.  

This time the webinars will tackle topics such as the implications that working from home might have on health, the impact of COVID-19 on the health care system and management, risk management and decision management aimed at building resilience in businesses. The webinars are free and open access and the link can be shared with friends and colleagues. 

Health & Wellbeing: Working from Home - 7th of April, 12 PM [RO time]

The first webinar of this week continues with the topic of health and wellbeing. It will explore the topic that every business is having to adapt to: working remotely. Join this one hour webinar as the University of Hull will bring colleagues from the Sports Science team at the University to discuss the importance of exercise and posture when working remotely. To register simply click here


Panel Session: Health Care Management & It’s Future Beyond COVID-19 - 8th of April, 3 pm [RO time] 

The second webinar will be on Wednesday and it will cover the topic of health care management and its future under COVID-19. It will take place as a Panel Session where academic and industry experts are invited to discuss the impact COVID-19 is having on the global health care system. The panel will be answering your questions on how to manage a national emergency, how to face challenges & obstacles and discuss the future outlook to this sector. To register simply click here.


Dr. Nicholas Snowden - the MBA Academic Director, who is teaching the Exec. MBA modules belonging to the Organisational Behaviour and Human Resources Management group of the Exec. MBA programme delivered in Cluj-Napoca.

Dr. Amanda Lee - Associate Dean (International), Faculty of Health & Social Care 

NHS: to be confirmed 


Resilience & Leadership - 9th of April, 2 PM [RO time]

This webinar will introduce the role of risk management and decision analytics in restoring normalcy and building resilience among businesses of all types during these periods of uncertainties. Companies are changing business priorities and being agile managing risks helps to allocated assets efficiently. The University of Hull business and management experts will be joined by the Director & CEO of OSL Risk Management Lt UK. To register simply click here.

Special guests: 

Dr Rexfored Attah-Boakye – Lecturer in Accounting 

Dr Elvis Hernandez-Perdomo – CEO OSL Risk Management


Together with our educational partners, the University of Hull, we will continue to keep you informed and up to date on all the learning and educational events we are organising throughout this period.